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Inducted into the 2015 Nevada Broadcaster's Hall of Fame


I hope you will find this overview of my career as director, author and filmmaker interesting and informative; a peek into my world of television directing and now neck deep into writing fiction.  In my free time, I've also been teaching acting workshops to help the next generation of actors take their performances to the next level.

Listed are my first four novels. The latest is; The Sweet Talkers. The previous three are, Crooked Road Straight, Our Father’s Sons and Jacks and the Jills.  All four are available at Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble and, of course, signed copies directly off the Website, Huzzah, Huzzah…

A look-see of the story content of the four novels is presented on the ‘novel’ link, just a quick click away. Best be warned, though, I write gritty, funny and sexy stories, purely in the adult vein. If that isn’t what you’re after please skip over to other links for some fun photos and a video clip instead.


Don Barnhart and Ron Howard share some laughs at the DGA Awards


On the television side of my career, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of directing major actors; the talented Robin Williams comes to mind, so does Jonathan Winters, Darren McGavin, Bob Saget and John Stamos to name but a handful, and let’s not forget the wonderful cast on the Bell series (eight seasons). Working with gifted crews and tons of funny writers over the past thirty years has also been a blessing. I should have learned something about humor, what?

The writing process of developing novels, however, opened up yet another door for me in this crazy world of creativity. I love it and even though I still direct when opportunities present themselves, I now eagerly look forward to the rush from sitting down at this magical machine and slugging through the vast challenges that bring my stories to life.

I truly hope you enjoy my work as much as I have enjoyed putting it together and I welcome your lucid comments. A full resume and video bio are also two simple clicks away on separate links.




Backstage with Clint Eastwood at the Director's Guild Association

Sr. & Jr. sharing an espresso before Jr's headline show in Las Vegas, NV


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