Backstage with Ringo Starr



Director / Author / Filmmaker



Written by

Don Barnhart



This story follows fictitious Bookie Fox and his valiant attempt for his chance at big city radio. Unfortunately he was also an unwitting carrier of the Bitch Goddess of Success; the silent, deadly disease firmly embedded into his addled ego. Unbeknownst to our hero, her vicious claws grasped at every opportunity to make him into a bona fide fool. 

Being chased by a killer-husband, stalked by a sex-crazed woman, throw in a bit of jail-time, the saving of a town in the interim, a friendship with a hundred-year-old, rain-making Indian, a monsoon of Noahesque proportions, an on again off again love affair with an up-front-in-your-face-balls-out, gorgeous woman; indeed, are these but a few of the key elements that might project oneself into a fool?  Most likely, they are. Damn straight, Bitch Goddess, well done…


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A sudden crack of thunder, the kind that shatters moral resolve, rumbles across the barren Mojave mimicking the robust peal of a disgruntled burrito. Bony Jo Sapp, nosing somewhere in his early forties, stands with a cowboy boot firmly planted on the rusted bumper of his faded powder-blue ’85 pickup tinkering with a polished .45.

Growing weary and impatient and downright pissed, Sapp cools his heels for an undercover drug buy that he knows, down deep in his own rusted gut is about to go terribly wrong. His experience in wrongness is vast and he still can’t dial it right. His estranged son comes to mind. So does his own sullied youth.

This is a guy who cha-cha’d with the devil but forgot how to lead.


CROOKED ROAD, STRAIGHT is a raw, gritty, high concept crime thriller with our protagonist the focal point of a future series scoured deep from within the underbelly of Las Vegas, deep enough to discover fossils, even if they turn out to be recent ‘hits’.

But Detective Sapp has other issues besides the sweet purity of whacking bad guys off the leader board with more than just a nine iron, being the hacker that he is.

He fathered a beautiful son.

And that’s the whole trouble right there; his inherit inability to express love and be the father he needs to be while humanity is seriously falling apart all around him.

Sapp lives in constant fear of losing the one thing that matters to him the most, his young son before it’s too late…



This rough and tumble story concerns the quest for love in a four generational family hell bent on securing that response. It’s a humorous take on a serious subject centered around the unique relationship of the Hart family, a pack of loners that would definitely define the word.

When a ninetieth birthday celebration and an art respective of the Patriarch’s work collide on the same weekend, Jonathan Hart’s whole family sets about to return to the spacious ranch and attend his event with enough personal agendas to fill the heated pool.

Willy Hart, the angry prodigal son (and one time only best-selling author), his son, Paul Hart, the randy B-movie director, and his son, Sonny Hart, the youngest, (desperate to find out who he really is), finally converge to settle some love scores, and it’s not about tennis.

Toss in a few lady spitfires and the road to redemption is just a wild trip around the emotional cul-de-sac, with forgiving and being forgiven the top priorities.

This four generational romp wraps its tight fist around the throat of familial intimacy and laughs at its own self to finally let it go.



During the late1950’s, smack dab in the Golden Age of Rock ‘n Roll, and way before the current flux of modern day gangs, there were an abundance of car clubs. No club was more respected and feared than a Southern California group known as the Jacks.

This compelling story of the Jacks and their Jills is a funny, balls-out coming of age epic, punctuated by hot rods and the music that underscored that wonderful time. It follows Ron, Delores and Taylor through their personal struggles of growing up, their sexual exploration and the tragic death of a friend, while attempting to understand the true meaning of separate lives.

Their tumultuous relationship is woven in and around the escapades of this notorious club, as the Jacks gamely hold on to their reputation and remain the top-dog in the community of souped-up cars, crazy parties and domineering strength.

It’s a story that feeds the nostalgia in all of us and lets the reader rediscover the innocence’s of how it was in those days that led up to these current chaotic times.