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Weddings are supposed to be a march to the altar, not a journey with more speed bumps that a Walmart parking lot. A dysfunctional group of folks come together for a Vegas wedding with more twists than a tie on a loaf of bread.


Huck, Andy and Michelle are three of a kind, but with three very separate agendas. Witty dialogue, outrageous situations and goof-ball characters propel this flat out comedy into another level, as Huck returns to his hometown as best man to Andy and to the razor-tongued Michelle, his former lover.

This triangular set-up is just a tip of the layered fruit cake as all participants revel in their own self interests, from Michelle’s hair trigger, mob boss father, to Andy’s fun-lovin’ cross-dressin’ dad.

Wacko moms and assorted bizarre players fill out this story while our ‘three’ desperately attempt to figure out what’s really important to attain true love and just who emerges as the ‘best man’ after all.



(based on the novel, Our Father’s Sons)

The King of Harts is set in the exquisite landscape of Nevada. This epic story spans the complex family relationship of four very tough and talented men of different generations, all lacking the simple ability to share the words, I love you.

Jonathan, Willy, Paul and Sonny Hart, possessing dented egos, selfish motives and wounded pride, thrash through crackling dialogue, as they come to terms while spiraling toward the explosive climax.

Throw three equally strong women into this turbulent mix and the stage is set for a unique showdown of love, redemption and ultimately forgiveness.



This action packed, off beat love story, set deep in the eye-candy of Las Vegas is centered around an estranged father and son, both possessing a deep desire to be a part of each other’s lives. The witty banter between the two speaks volumes about their pain and frustration of forced separation brought on by the whack job of an ex-wife.

Bony Jo Soltis, is a hard-boiled homicide cop with a code of ethics that could be described as ‘two fingers above the bottom of a Tequila bottle’. He’s living a pathetic life until he meets, Sara, a gorgeous women of his alcoholic dreams. She’s built like she knows her way around a dance pole…and she teaches golf! Being that its an interest he and his young son, Jakie share, he’s smittened by a woman that not only can hit a ball a million miles, but looks like a million bucks while doing it.

All goes well, until a bad guy that Bony recently hauled in, escapes and does the revenge kidnapping of Jakie. Just when we think Bony is going soft, his old way rears its ugly head and he’s off to the rescue, coming face to face with the kidnapped and the sinister kidnapper stuck in a high-rise under construction.

Bony has only a short time to rescue his boy and save their relationship that’s about to literally slip out of his grasp. Life being fair and Justice don’t always ride together on the same bus, a lesson Jakie quickly learns at the terrible fate of his father, precariously overlooking the Vegas skyline twenty floors above the strip.



This is a yarn about a guy going nowhere fast! Until, of course he meets up with a woman who sets him straight, as only a great woman can. Buddy Fox, a talented disc-jockey, but running on a gypsysque life style, ducks every responsibility tossed his way, except for his quest of working a big city radio station and do what he does best, delivering some sweet talk and spinning those heavy hits.

On his sojourn, he comes into contact with every radio crackpot in the business and egos burst forth like exploding volcanoes, while being chased by a diminutive squirt bent on terminal payback. Hunkered down on the outskirts of Vegas, he’s stuck in a place so small, the mapmakers had to fake it.

The little town is threatened with a dam, soon to be constructed, resulting in wiping it out and make a few important people some serious money. May Li, the political activist daughter, of the radio station’s owner, is fighting tooth and nail with the corrupt city leaders to save this historic burg.

Her adopted father needs a morning man and Buddy is soon hired. The oil and water relationship immediately builds between Buddy and May Li, but, of course, eventually loves blossoms. Ya think?..

Buddy is satisfied to let his dream of the big-time fade when he becomes a big man in the small town, as he cleverly devises a plan to save it and win May Li’s heart to boot.

It’s a funny story about funny people, that is, if love can be funny…



(written with Steve Rossi)

Is it enough to simply stand by your man?, or does a loving couple have to take on a Vegas mob to do it? Mario Marino wants to marry Leslie, his long time lover and needs his father’s blessing. He’s about to receive it, until the aging Godfather discovers the bride is really a man!

This romp is a comedic love story pitting the traditional camp against a life-style so foreign to the wise-guys, they’ll have to call in outside reinforcements for a sit-down. Fist fights, a bizarre kidnapping rescue and a costumed pre-wedding party reveal more choices than a Baskin-Robbin’s ice cream parlor. Think ‘Goodfellas’ having a picnic on ‘Brokeback Mountain’.

Ultimately, familial love wins the day and the wedding proceeds with results that’ll expose the true feelings of our wonderful characters of ‘both’ camps.