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Coming soon...  Don Barnhart, Sr., director of over 400 television shows, including Saved by the Bell,  Mork and Mindy and Full House, will be offering acting workshops in Las Vegas.


Barnhart has had the pleasure of directing over 400 television episodes, 90% airing on Network Television, the remainder in syndication, while acting and directing numerous stage plays along the way.


Mr. Barnhart’s forte` has mainly been in the neighborhood of comedy; directing famous actors, the likes of Robin Williams, Jonathan Winters,  John Stamos, Bob Saget and a ton of others, including eight seasons of directing the rambunctious bunch on the Saved by the Bell series.


He has also worked on many dramatic productions as well and is fully prepared to ‘dig’ into the dramatic text to discover the ‘truth’ of the scene no matter what the venue.


His main love, however,  is the actor!  He claims; “nothing is more gratifying than guiding a performer to bring the text alive. My goal during this seminar is to bridge the gap between  beginners and the professional; preparing the artist, not only for ‘cold readings’ and the ‘dreaded auditions’, but explore a constructive  rehearsal process, fulfilling the actor’s desire to complete a professional performance.”


This intensive workshop will deal in blocking, ‘working’ the camera, reaction shots (“really important stuff”, he says) including camera -angle savvy and the fine art of just listening. This, to name but a few techniques that will make the student a better actor, “at the very least”, he says, ”the actor completing this seminar will be able to hold his own and understand the director’s wishes, their ‘set-speak’, and, yes, sometimes unreasonable demands.”


Coming from a director’s POV, Barnhart is well aware of what’s expected from the actor, on and, surprise!, off the set. His working knowledge can be of great help to the first-timer (that first major role, yes!) but to the seasoned performer, as well.


His plan is to laugh and act and critique and share fears and high exaltations. “We’ll tire and seek relief, but return the victor, never willing to give up on one’s self, ever!”


“There are many tricks and hidden rules and I know ‘em all”, Barnhart claims. “I have agreed to pass on this vital information as a bonus, but it’s not free.”


These ‘goodies’ will not cost an arm and a leg, but fairly extracted. Barnhart understands most actors are playing with every penny from every pocket. However,  the four-hour seminar is a flat 100 dollars, the best he can do. ‘Auditing’ is accepted at 50 dollars. “I don’t work by the clock, but by the joy and interest allotted me from the performer. If you are good, we might stay longer.”


Each actor will be expected to bring in a monologue, or a scene for two, or perhaps choose a scene at the seminar. However,  Barnhart strongly recommends pre-chosen ‘sides’ so the actor will have had time to study the words and enter fully prepared, ready to go. “We will not mess around!”


Intensive Actors Workshop - Dates coming soon.

Sunday 12-4pm

Class size limited.  Sign up now to reserve your spot.

Come early to register.

$100 Intensive Actors Workshop


$50 Audit Of Class


Don Barnhart Studios is now offering Acting, Comedy and Improv classes.

(Taught by Don Barnhart, Sr.)
Intensive Actors Workshop
(1 day intensive)

Acting For The Camera
Scene Study
Cold Reading


(Taught by Don Barnhart, Jr.)
Stand Up Comedy - Introductory Course
Stand Up Comedy - Advanced
Improv Workshop

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